Friday, November 6, 2015

I actually returned to FFXI

Sam was my first class maxed, back when it was 60 then I quit when level cap 75.  I was redmage main up until try raised the lvl cap to 80+ then had to quit for life. The nostalgia feels. Retired my Elvaan drg/rng/nin/blm with 317 days played and I bazaar'd on my mules. My favorite game of all time. Damn, great timing SE upset emoticon I'll have fallout 4 AND tomb raider, on top of halo and star wars coming out the week after lol. really? you chose a Character that mostly no one knows? It should have been Prishe or Lionne, hell even Lilisette would have been better.

Is FFXI ending its service? Is it free to play? Or do we have to pay monthly Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils like XIV?  Actually samurai was confirmed pretty much since heavenwards released on one of the live letters...they talked about it but said it's hard to do it atm plus doing new classes takes atleast 1yr. FFXIV Gils . Chris before you be a prick it looks like samurai armor. So in a sense samurai still confirmed Someone thinks that sarcasm is discernable through text. The coolest thing FFXIV could do is start introducing some "Legendary" weapons from across the FF universe into the Cash Store as transmog items.Or you could hunt some NM that'll only pop up at 4 am every 2 bloody weeks just like FFXI was like.

I actually returned to FFXI. i still find it is more fun and has more things i can do compared to just spam roulettes and alex every day. Not what I ment by combining Eorzea and Vana'diel, I want to go back to the Valkum Dunes and see what it would look like in Eorzea's time frame, Jeuno, Windy, Sandy and Bastok and the land in between. Wonder y a samurai hold a drg weapon?
A: Its becoz they can either use a great katana or polearm main weapon and a bow for range attack.

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