Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gladiator is the hardest tank

I believe that there are elitists, and then there are asshole elitists.

They are different. Some of the folks who helped me in my old FC, were definitely elitists. It was their mission to try to be at the highest level possible at all times, and play their absolute best at all times FFXIV gil . I believe they were definitely elitists....they just weren't assholes. actually im not calling you an elitist, i just doubt you have to work 40 hours a week.

All of it is good for me. I just started playing this game. 1 character at lvl 26.  I shall. Some people get mad that Idk how to properly tank though. I'm a gladiator. it will come tou you. make sure you have pala leveld up for cross class abilitys. Shield lob > flash > combo 1 > flash > combo 2 and combo 3 oe flash if need and rotate between mobs since some dps can hit multiple targets. Don't forget to use defense skill on heavy hitting stuff and you be good cheap FFXIV gil. Yeah they kept telling me to tank, and I'm like we'll I can use provoke and that's it lol dps doing more damage so enemies focus on them.  I always used to mark my mobs but sometimes people don't care and follow the numbers...just do 2 or 3 flashes and then focus on the mob the dps is hitting and keep an eye on hate list next to the names. U guys are a lot of help, thx. Can't wait to get further and play as dark knight.

Gladiator is the hardest tank to level, but once you hit 40 and get shield oath it's GG to 60.

Keep the faith, don't let the assholes keep you down. Welcome to eorzea. Some people forget that not everyone has been playing since beta. however, nice class choice, I rolled glad/paladin as my first class too. Although now I play dragoon. Just keep at it and you'll be pro in no time.

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