Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blade and Soul summoner

The server merger we had a couple months, or so back just made groups of three different servers linked together to act as one, rather than being a complete merger of multiple servers, into one. I get the feeling they're hoping they'll be getting more people later on, allowing them to just unlink the servers, rather than have to add more again.

Whether that actually happens, or that they'll just have to do more mergers as the current player count trend would suggest, I couldn't say for certain. Blade and Soul Gold Although based on other servers it will be getting easier to get by in the game later on, especially if you want to play solo. Is it national or international? I cant see how it would be national. it's only national... How does that make sense? I honestly get your point lmao.

 really thank you alot for your kind information, Max :) To celebrate, you guys should give me the Cool Groove hat :D (i missed out on its sale x.x) is game fixed cause i wanna play my summoner my sf is so bad i always die : Buy Blade and Soul Gold ( not funny that i always end up raped by every mobs i do dailies. All the players would like a bonus for this special occasion :0

If by "fixed" you mean better optimization, and dealing with apparent conflicts between the game, and things on our systems causing it to perform far worse than it should for many, then no. I've yet to see them even acknowledge there is such problems, let alone give the usual "we'll let the devs know, and try to get that fixed" type response. Makes me suspect it'll never be fixed.

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