Monday, August 22, 2016

wait to see the next update of Blade and Soul

Roberto. like i said ..ill wait to see the next update. It might be better for the gold. will see. I do 9 dailies/day within 4-5hrs tops, that's it. I also have a job /life I don't even do ssp anymore to farm soulstones let alone farming moonstone, I just do dailies everyday which is enough (for me at least) to upgrade everything....patience is the key, you don't have to rush things, only "p2w" ppl rushes things aka lazy ppl with money. You'll get there, eventually. Just patience.

 if i rush Buy Blade and Soul Gold i would be on the top by now. lol.  I only have 2 hours to plays. anyway...i am not try to pick fight with anyone. I just feels like the cost is way too much.  Ill give this games a chance. I knew a lot of ppl stop playing. and not coming back. I do have a lot of fun with ffxiv tho. Oh btw Final Fantasy is heading to Las Vegas in Oct.

For you maybe it is a lot, and no don't have kids...not thinking about having one yet, enjoy life while you're young.. Blade and Soul Gold ..for me it is not enough, if you wanna grind things, you'll need more than just five hours but what can I do, it's all I have and happy about it, also I have patience...

I've stopped playing BnS 3 months ago for BDO, never looked back. Most of my friends left to. They all work 5-6 hours a day. They don't have five hours to grind for gold like some ppl do. I am the only one left. Lol.

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