Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Was Epic Geared and Running LFR

When i was epic geared and running LFR, I could keep people alive through all kinds of stupid crap that they should be getting out of. And I did, because I could. But at this point I am not here to take someone by the hand like a baby and keep them alive when they want to play in the lava. WoW accounts for sale DPS has to take responsibility for their own survival instead of whining about heals. They have cool downs, and they have far and away more mobility than either heals or tanks have. If a tank positions a mob on top of a puddle, I will reposition or move until it's safe.
Honestly, you're pissing and moaning about "Arrogance" and yet you're really setting your own example here by attacking someone else's healing ability just because they disagree with you about dps standing in stupid shit on the floor.
 If you try your best, and they die, it's their fault. I've never said otherwise. Stop pretending that I'm demanding healers heal through everything in existence. Not everything is designed to be healable, and those things are to be avoided. But if it can be healed, it is better than letting someone die. 
And the question of his healing is more towards being able to OOM in LFR. That's not easy to do, if you have gear. 
 I appreciate the compliment as I put a lot of work into how I heal.  I have a ton of experience healing pretty much all the group content in this game. Where to buy wow accounts Our pallies are pretty good, although one is admittedly still learning right now.
The game was not designed for healers to heal through avoidable damage.  It simply wasn't.  If someone is standing in something then they need to get out.  Tank, healer, dps, whomever.
I never said that any healer should purposefully stop healing someone and let them die... (unless it is going to kill their entire mana pool.)  I try to make every attempt to keep the entire raid alive at all times.  It is not a healer's job to heal everything without judgment, however.  It is their job to make smart decisions so that the raid can kill bosses.

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