Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Don't Have Any Heals That Fix Stupid

That wouldn't bother me as much in Wrath. but then cata happened, and I literally did not have the mana to spare saving dumb people. Cheapest WoW accounts They'll have plenty fo time to figure out why they died, and how to do better next time, while they're tanking the floor. No heal will fix stupid. But people mistake "1-shot" with "damage I could heal but... nah". The former cannot be avoided, healed or mitigated, while the latter is pure laziness on the part of the healer. 
I have a healer, and I will make a token effort to heal the person standing in the bad stuff, but if more than a few seconds go by and they have not moved, they become low priority. If it's that hard to move out of the fire, get an addon to alert you when you're in it. As a healer, I am not blowing half my mana pool to heal someone standing in fire. Its the job of the DPS to stay alive by avoiding stupid stuff. If a dps can't even avoid stupid things underneath them, then they are better off dead or kicked.
It's my job to heal what I can, in a way that benefits the entire group.  I very often have let a dps die because it was more beneficial for the group.  
I thought that's what triage was all about. Buying world of warcraft account The dps who stands in fire is lowest on my priority (unless their dps is somehow the only way we will win).
Read my reply to Kensdisguise2 as well if you need an example.  My mana pool is often more important than keeping a bad dps player alive.
One person is not valuable enough for half my mana pool, unless they are a tank. Simple as that. DPS are mobile, even melee ones, and can and should make an effort not to stand in the fire. They do not have plenty of time to figure out why they died. Because they were never trained while leveling, how to stay alive in the first place. These soft players will always think its the healer's fault no matter what.
 No, a healer's job is not to heal everything without judgment.  A healer's job is to prioritize heals with a limited resource pool so that the encounter is won.  Burning mana on someone determined to die is usually not the correct way to heal.

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