Thursday, July 25, 2013

Upgrading 5.4 LFR Gear

The relevance of this island for me will be in the gear (which is unlikely since it's 496, I think) and how much gold I can land from it. Buying world of warcraft account Neither 5.2 nor 5.3 have been very useful for me, and my participation in group content has dropped since my old computer began to crap out and I discovered that I was well past the likely ilvl requirements for SoO LFR sometime in 5.2.
I'm just not that interested in achievements anymore, and the random crap you get from rare spawns just takes up space in my bank.

I actually feel like I've been spinning my wheels for almost two patches, with Nalak and Lei Shen's treasure room being the only stuff I bother with from the last two patches.  Hell, I get more mileage from Tillers and Shieldwall dailies then anything these days, since they're easy as sin and give great gold and a slow, steady accumulation of VP to spend on upgrading 5.4 LFR gear.

I guess Blizzard nixed the idea of advancement outside of raids. WoW accounts for sale Most a pity, because I've actually had to go back to making my own fun.
Chasing rares for nothing but an achievement. And getting some cosmetic trinkets you have to d/e or sell because there's no more bag space at all.

This is the most stupid and boring idea Blizzard come up with in this expansion. The story patch of 5.3 was already poor, now we get this boring and uncreative crap. Didn't they learn anything from the good response they got for the story driven quest experience of 5.1?

 I think this is a fantastic idea.  And the Timeless Isle is completely story driven, just driven by Wrathions Legendary Quest story.  There is plenty of lore to be had.  

Just because an area is riddled with quests doesnt mean there is no lore.  There is lore surrounding the Battlefield Barrens.  To say that there isnt is just ignorant. 

Most likely you will have to explore this area to find lore items and events (as shown above). Who knows? Perhaps there is more to this isle than meets the eye.

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