Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest is on for 2016

One of a great game ever..RISE AION! Back Cantalones children from their mother! still cant get past the ncsoft loading screen.  And the client stability, TANKED.  hey retards just close the server , you failed in everything. hey retards you just steal ppl money and you give advandage of some retards.  hey retards you want some videos of the scrubs you let them use hacks in game? This update is a new game of aion or what he more with game forge.  hey retards if i pay you few dollars i can also use hacks and bots? hey retards why you let hackers and botters play?

 Aion will die NICE Ncsoft SO once again Cheap Blade and Soul Gold , NCSoft can't seem to keep their NA servers online and when do the servers crash.....During UA siege!!! Great system administration guys.. It would be nice if the Dev team or NC West would keep us apprised as to what is going on with the DCing and horrible fluctuating PING from 50 ping to 4K ping then DC - Every player all NA Servers... a very nice update but... servers are dying from mass lag and dc´s, everyone is complaining for the same reasons, fix it pls!! its impossible to play 10 minutes withouts suffering mass lag or dc.

 i cant log in , server maintenance or what ?? Buy Blade and Soul Gold The NCSOFT Pumpkin Carving Contest is on for 2016!Can we see a picture demo of what these skins look like? You'd probably receive more applicants if everyone knew what exactly they were trying for. I looked the skin up on aion database and the eastern gothic looks like a black gothic kimono with flowers and a big ribbon in the middle and the enforcers set is the avg anime street thug look with a long foward curl hair style and the a thugish polo shirt with thin pant/sash combo.

For the love of god please put the Pumpkin Helm skins in the BCM already! >.< You guys didn't have them for the last 2 years and that truly has broken my heart. why have i not received the golden stigma?(benevolence) as a cleric healing is impossible in these instances without that stigma, i had it before and now its gone and i did not get the bag to replace it? what am i supposed to do now? just quit and start another character on another class?ou are trying to achieve..or just quit for good...i guess this is what you are trying to achieve, clerics are useless...so...what the f? fix this pls.

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