Monday, February 1, 2016

Blade and Soul gold farmers

This is a known issue we are working on right now. Please submit a bug report so we can get more info. You had the gold farmers gone for a entire day. Now they are back and my block list is full upset emoticon. disconnected error 3000 i tried everything but still getting the same problem . i also send a report regarding the error. Blade & Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; Soul does this mean you guys are working on a solution to fixing the over saturation of gold farmers in the chat? My block list is full and i can no longer use the chat to talk to any other tab, because the chat is moving at the speed of sound Cheap Blade & Soul Gold.... I have never experienced any game i have ever played and it's so bad, i don't even want to play right now squint emoticon

Please.... fix this, i beg of you. Never have i ever wanted to like a game sooo bad, but can't as id like to because rampant gold farmers ruing the social experience of the game.  Sun Sora if you use wtfast or any simillar program it does that also. When i try to logg in after the pin code it dosen't do anything it's just playng the backround music and animation but dosent get me to the game ;_; help please.

I heard something about server busy.I moved to NA and it worked. It doesn't for me. Or at least not in 15 minutes. Lázár András did u try to swich from eu to na or from na to eu? becasue at me it worked. Switched from EU to NA. It worked there. Than switched back to Eu and now it crashes after the 6 digit code.

Its working now..just got in at EU server after 10years of waiting.. there goes my premium fee ncsoft. Now it works for me. Don't know what changed. If anybody has this problem, do what Volocaruvlad Vlad said constantly and eventully it will work. whats up with the male angel costume? xD is there like some sort of joke behind it? i thought it was just a bug at first.

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