Monday, February 22, 2016

F2P VS PvP in blade and Soul

Someone quick!!! I deleted my second character and went to rebuild. Dident think to check the server before I deleted. The original few servers were what? I have a character on Tawong and there were like 3 original choices as far as I can remember. I cant find what they were. The hubby is in bed and I need to be sure we are on the same server Blade and Soul Gold . frown emoticon man this sucks. Help!

I highly doubt you can get it back since everything is deleted. just go on forums on website submit a ticket and see what they can do for you. good luck tho. I dont want it back. smile emoticon I was trying to figure out what server I was originally on. Thanks though. The deleate was the best idea ever!!! My new character is amazing!!!

The reason I stopped playing is because it feels like a F2P through and through, whether you have premium or not. Using it as an example, runescape even offers a whole ton of quests, weapons and areas for members only. I even spent 25 bucks on the initiate pack or whatever it's called and don't feel like I got ANY benefits from it whatsoever aside from beta testing, and my friend who bought the 75 dollar bundle feels the same way. I'm gutted because this game has an awesome PVP to it, but honestly, it just feels so bleh in every other regard that the combat doesn't make up for it at all. "There's nothing to do, and the game doesn't offer me anything cheap Blade & Soul Gold but maybe they're holding out for after the beta," is what we said during beta, and unfortunately not much has changed.

But I don't want to play a game that feels F2P is what I'm saying. I'm planning on giving the game time, but for now it doesn't feel like an expansive MMO with a lot to offer. Maybe that's just me.

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