Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blade and Soul Performance

So those who use 4cores / 8cores will not run in max. Performance..
About Vga still confuse..
Some1 have better vga than my gtx 950.. Run same fps as mine.. I got i7 5500 8gb ram GeForce 920m 4GB video and I still got fps drop more when I get close to waterfalls .

 I am on i5 4450 and gtx 960 with 8gb ddr3 and Blade & Soul Gold i am fine 80+fps in world 50+ in high populated areas. But yes sometimes i experience drops to 20 fps.at the graphic settings, check the "optimize for batlle" or something like that.

 i'm so proud of you!!! Best game ever, thank you for doing such an amazing job for us on NA servers. half of your brain is dead too i guess. even if they have 10,000 gold sellers which is probably an exaggerated ammount, what is 10k compared to 2m, even if it's 100,000 bots, what it is compared to 2M people . Ibrahim Sholyov Sarcasm or not, Degrading a company on their posts is offensive to some, and some people can see it as negative and not even try the game. Not a big deal to me, but to others, it can be. Buy Blade and Soul Gold No need to get brash calling people a prick etc..., he was only trying to make a point, and you fail at anything except making yourself look like a 2 year old troll.

so its ok for him to say half of my brain is dead cause i made a obvious joke with '' grin emoticon '' at the end.. u people need some humour in your life.. anyway not gonna argue.

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