Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FF14 Minfilia's outfit on the Mogstation

Why are you even entertaining these geniuses? I stopped playing because the game bored me and there isn't anything really worth coming back to. I want a Seifer outfit tho. You're choices aren't effecting anyone. You're just ungrateful. Melody Mira Morris *affecting. I quit because everytime I got my relic powered up a new one was released..FFXIV Gil Making the previous one you grounded for worthless and easy for others to upgrade past you.

The atma... Jesus that still gives me nightmares lol. Matt Davidson, you should stay away then because Atma was an absolute joke compared to some of the stuff out now. got yokai watch event starting 2day so you can come ack n collect all the minions n weapons lol.

Matt Davidson So a new stage for the weapon that you have,Buy FFXIV Gil that REQUIRES the weapon you have makes it worthless? *slow clap* great logic dude. the only weapons that are stronger than a perfected Zeta is the anima and IL200+ weapons, one anima step can pretty much be skipped if you trade in your Zeta.

Minfilia's outfit on the Mogstation is like a mish-mash of a few different X-2 dress spheres, plus you get her hair as well, which is VERY Rikku-esque. If you don't feel like spending irl money, it's incredibly easy to gather clothing/armor here & there for a Rikku glamour. lol the end game sucks? its probably got the best endgame out of any current mmo. Thank you SE for providing me with a game on my ps4 that I know I can always log onto and have something to finish <3 you guys!

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