Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hit chance

Hit chance is the chance for you to make a successful hit against your enemy. The higher the hit chance, the fewer times you will miss. You can improve your hit chance with a higher Attack/Magic/Ranged, and using an attack that your enemy is weak against.If you want to buy account from Runescape accounts for sale, you'd better grasp this chance.

Hit chance is calculated as ( (accuracy / defence ) * weakness (rounded down). The defence value coming from your opponent, rather than yourself and is calculated as = armour + ((armour / 100) * 40) (rounded down).

Weakness has a numerical value to represent how weak an enemy is to the attack. For example, if an enemy is strong against a particular attack, the weakness will be a lower number, but if they are weak against the attack, this number will be higher.

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