Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DH level guides suggestions for Diablo 3 players

DH might be a bit underpowered in terms of MP10 farming at the moment since you need a gear that is like ten times more expensive than that of a barb, but clearly the guy wants to play a DH. Besides what makes you think this will be the situation for a long time? They just said they are going to possibly nerf barbs and wizards. DH is a very fun class to play but it's not for everyone. And not everybody rerolls characters of Diablo III accountsjust because they happen to be the flavor of the week. I remember that some of the people in my f list quit or rerolled when they nerfed the Wiz armor thing back when the game got released, had they stuck along with their Wiz they would have had an awesome character today Diablo 3 account sell that is capable of farming (quite easily) the whole game on mp 10 provided the right gear (which is relatively cheap).

They wont nerf Monks and u can use most of your gear on a Monk.
Iv got like the same time played on monk and dh and the monk has +15paragon levels, they are clearly better and its easier to do any mp with it more efficiently.

Gear aint ten times more expensive (50m for a barb to farm mp10, maybe 5b for a dh thats 100times more money) but 100times :)

What makes me think that the situation will stay? I tried the ptr and i saw the changes, blizard totally suxx at balancing atm further buffing barb life regen (imagine it at pvp...) like mostly double the values on anything compared to a dh.

If there wont be any nice changes DH will still suck jay wilsons butt since rapid fire is totally not what people like and enjoy about DH gameplay and pay for diablo 3 account sale, even if it can do some okay dps now.

I dont see your problems, that dh should be able to farm mp3 without any problems if you just went to one of the good builds for that.
Strafe only works on lower mp, the same as a comparable tempest rush monk.

If you want a change use innas pants (its without question the top pants for any dex class) and get rid of your crapunis and use crafts instead.

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