Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Love Diablo 3 team

I love the D3 team! You guys are the greatest and really made a great impact in my life. People are going to hate on you guys but they forget how hard you worked for years to get this game out and the fact your still working on this game a year later after release. You love your fans and care about our happiness! For this, you have my upmost respect and gratitude. I love you guys back! Thanks for making this fan very happy! Happy 1 year anniversary diablo 3 accounts for sale!!

Happy birthday diablo3 likeing the patches so far pritty excited about itemazation gimme that and more warden and uber like gameplay and ill be happy but making progress in the right direction so that makes me happy. Keep up the good patches and dont worry about people they'll cry no matter what.S哦I will keep my Diablo 3 account!

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