Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Go to Ghost Town to make runescape gold

We all know that to the desert in the the lumbridge Hedong Zainiu picking up leather shop to sew leather holster, where I will not say more.

Anyway, with this method should soon be able to got to the more than 40 class. Problem after forty how to do?

If a non-member, that if there is no other way to continue to pick up the leather or spend the high-priced acquisition leather, there is another way is to dig silver silverware, practice it slowly.

Member, picking leather silverware seemed a bit too slow, in fact, there is another way than picking up the leather the silverware faster! That is glass.

Glass ideal place should be ghost town (port Phasmatys)! Course, a prerequisite is that you should put ghost ahoy this task done first, otherwise it can not enter the ghost town, but is not easy to come and go, and vice versa, if the task is done, then you can out of the gates, and will get a ectophial, ready to fly to the ghost town.

Well, how to do it in the ghost town? The ghost town Galaxy and cupola door-to-door, convenient to death, much closer than the absolute desert or F City cupola and between banks, from the cupola convenient there is one good thing is the oven is also next to the bank, you burn seaweed refining soda ash is also very convenient, but the the burning glass biggest problem buckets of sand and seaweed, seaweed, very difficult to get, how to do?

Sand buckets, better said, to do the tasks of the Hand in sand, and then every day you go out, bert daily yanille with bert will give you a free 85 barrels of sand and you want sand, save a thousand in the bank one hundred empty bucket, and then in yanille lost city pick sand it wants.

The seaweed is a headache, According to my experience, the best way is to buy runescape gold in a ghost town out from the banks of the ghost town pier to look for the crew to sit on the corner to buy. If there is no one to buy seaweed and soda ash , he should be there 10 soda ash and 20 seaweed, regardless of the number of freight storage, all 5/ea, very cheap to buy finished plot cargo, crew there may be a bit slow, as if slower than the beach respawn how do? can not switch servers for a server, is probably the second thirty seconds, as long as no one told you to grab, and certainly 10 soda ash and 20 seaweed, and then back to the server, in this way, better than the beach to pick up seaweed faster.

Well, With buckets of sand, seaweed, ghost town so convenient, you can burn the soil blown glass.

If you manually forty-six, and your magic more than fifty-six ... Brother, you can manually really make runescape gold!

You need to do now is to do is burn the glass blowing orb burning glass may be a bit annoying to a location (an empirical 20:00), but think of the future, these are the golden runescape gold, you should uncomplainingly burn small cheap glass blowing ORB soon glassblow pipe breath can blow twenty-seven, and each blow a experience points is 52.5. waiting for you to manually 49, Big Brother, you do not to 2.5 points for the blowing lattern lens. been blown orb!

Of course, in the ghost town to do things that you have been with ghostspeak Amulet Otherwise, the bank may take things.

You use the above approach has been blowing blowing blowing orb as possible, if you sold All Store your pig back to Gao Village --- stay home!

The orb to deposit, and soon your hand-to 54 (of course, your magic should be above 56), well, you can now large fishing for a vote!

orb? you do not like, the ORB is better, the more the better, if you do not like runescape gold, sell me a good 250/ea, how?

You did not the task of the scorpion catcher? If you did not make, or do a do look the Member dungeon (Taverly dungeon) as well? If your level is too low, afraid to go to the member dungeon, then, even if, the following method you are not really appropriate.

Well, scorpion catcher task to do, you can also get Dusty key a (if DUSTY key is lost, it does not matter, pick it wants to go to the black samurai prison dungeon, lift the black knight, if you wanted done this task, you should kill the black knight, Sir Tiffy give you remember it, to go after him, you can buy a very, very good armor, how good I am not quite clear, anyway, than the rune A)

You also need to look for something, you need to cosmic rune and water rune water Rune easy to handle, sold everywhere, a few gp, Cosmic rune price seems to be more than a hundred runescape gold one, of course, the wilderness rune shop you can buy 50/ea, how to get to that dangerous place, I would like to study, you also need some transport: Law rune, Ring of dueling or glory necklace (we are poor, can not afford the glory necklace , has been using a ring of dueling).

Well, the departure from F City your space bag 28 grid, to keep Dusty key, a grid, a grid put 75 cosmic rune, a grid put 750 Water rune (at least a grid of 10 million Do not put, or back when ring faded down), all 25 segments can put the rest of the orb (remember him wearing a ring of Dueling), then climbed over the wall, go to the member dungeon.

Not talk to strange fight, it wants to break inside I generally start to go first, Do runescape gold ran out, to a lesser demon there, and then open the magic-free or war-free, run all the way to the northwest corner of the stairs, where there is more than 200 Black Dragon, but do not be afraid, you hasten to point up the stairs, he is simply too late to hit you and I are generally unharmed on the stairs.

The above is a stone, as if called Water oblistic anyway, you start with the magic, the magic of point 56, under 25, those orb into a power water orb.

Then slipped out of the ring, to fly back to war castle, the Power orb deposit bank, and then come up with a law rune, air staff, and water rune, flew back to the city of F, continue to the next round of Chuang dungeon. (If you run out of prayer, can go tarverly the north of the altar to red).

All the orb charge finished, the final step is to fly back to V City to the center of the city staff shop to buy battle staff (a total of five, first to 7000, a 7600, right?), And then the Water Power orb paste the go , made the water battlestaff. rs gold (high alch) staff into cash, one more than 9200.

In my estimation, if you plan carefully, net of Nature rune, Cosmic rune, water rune (a orb need a nats cosmic, 30 water), last orb profit should 1500 rs gold.

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