Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is a high-quality back links on Baidu

Outside the chain has been SEO optimization concern here again on to the next to do outside the chain of thoughts. Front have talked about the quality outside the chain standards, you can also see similarities with this article useful.

First, a high correlation outside the chain

Some sites a strong correlation between good keyword ranking site outside the chain, but the site also must have some relevance, such as "Dongguan SEO" website can seowhy seo theme sites do outside the chain. If other types of sites, but this site this article with a link to your site associated with the theme of your website. (Irrelevant Links also be useful, only to bring the relatively low weights)

Second, soft paper outside the chain

Soft paper outside the chain can be said to be more practical and popular outside the chain means a good soft paper can bring you hundreds of high-quality outside the chain outside; But now many people are reproduced, it will not bring the original article chain address, so it is best to link directly interspersed in the article, and so outside the chain growth probability, and appear in the text, may be given the rating of the site will be higher. (Soft paper is a good means to increase the breadth of the outer chain, because you never know who will reprint your articles)

Third, the large news sites outside the chain

Such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other sites, news update frequency is quite fast, a few minutes once a basic update, basically included up to 100%, you can do outside the chain on these sites above, website ranking is self-evident. The news site outside the chain, a lot for a fee, the economic base can try.

Fourth, forums back links

Forum outside the chain of nature is the most commonly used approaches to do outside the chain, try to choose some of the more prosperous popular collection of good forum, the best relevance, professional. Like we do SEO class blog friends, it is recommended that in above seowhy Forum, outside the chain of high-quality collection of.

Fifth, the authoritative website

Is to government, education sites and forums to do outside the chain above, but this is very difficult, generally are to buy these government station outside the chain through the channel. Many government station gov sites, Forum, you can try to search the site: as bbs, and then look at those may be able to sign or can be made outside the chain.

Sixth, the blog outside the chain

Sina, Netease, Baidu, TOM blog are heavily weighted to the blog, which can be seconds to close, and outside the chain of high quality, registered several relevant blog, website can either bring popularity, but also increasing the chain do not worry about being deleted. The these blog outside the chain should also note that many blog if you, too, will seal your space, especially. Outside the chain of Netease blog now add a lot of nofollow, so consider several other.

Seventh, the export link small website

In general, the home chain in more than 50 I rarely do friendship chain, unless some weight particularly high site. This also shows that the quality of the forum outside the chain of reasons for the high, because the signature outside the chain too much.

Eighth, the video outside the chain

Do one or reproduced video to bring your own URL in the video, uploaded to Youku, potatoes, cool site, because video files are born is given high weight, has been introduced in front of a variety of network marketing tactics .

Ninth, the link in the body

This does not do more to explain, can only say that the quality of the body outside the chain, is certainly greater than outside the chain of message boards, comments plate. Whether text, this search engine can be judged, do not believe you can look snapshot preview search engines, are directly display the contents of the page.

Tenth business directory

Is to Products. Show that B2B e-commerce sites, and so do the above do outside the chain, the quality and popularity will certainly be greatly improved.

11, the picture outside the chain

Make a picture, upload it to your own website space, then bring the picture above the forum or high-quality community, a collection of good, high-quality outside the chain.

XII, Links

Links outside the chain Needless to say, the home of a high-quality website outside the chain, the top few hundred garbage outside the chain; but not too the most for the Friends of the chain, because a lot of weight website may or may not do and you link Link exchange Intro front, much to do here reviewed.

13th, Baidu products

Baidu do outside the chain, not only of high quality, the website ranking speeds soared. Now many stations the increase included are directly inside the Baidu outside the chain to attract spiders included. After all, Baidu's own products, spiders crawling certainly some more.

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