Monday, May 27, 2013

what do you want to ask google or baidu

Biannual MADCon meeting again this month on the 13th was held in Xiamen. I'm on the 12th afternoon to Xiamen, the evening will go to the Kempinski Hotel Paulaner Brauhaus participate MADCon carnival night, participants can apply since welcome all friends to communicate.

13 pm last one agenda with Baidu and Google engineers interactive dialogue, which I chaired, with the famous Lee Baidu and Google U.S. headquarters Zhu Jianfei talk SEO and webmasters concerns. These two are involved in search engine search algorithm inside the core members, to communicate with them is a rare opportunity to learn myself, I think is a lot of SEO are clarified, validation, learning opportunity. Answer the question about search and SEO, there is no more authoritative than they a.When I committed to Runescape accounts for sale, I usually, need to submit bookmark. It always has problem and show URL is invalid or blocked:

I want to make my site which is mainly to provides diablo 3 accounts for sale and Diablo 3 account sell get traffic.

Blog readers if you have any questions to ask Baidu, Google's engineers, welcome message, I will try to valuable questions to put to them. Ask questions to remind that skill. I also participated in a lot of interviews, interactive agenda, it is difficult to answer a lot of questions, such as most can not answer that these two categories:

1) the question is too broad

Such as "how should I do SEO?", Have to answer it, one can only say, go to "SEO real password." Looks like some of the issues specific point, but that did not in fact be more specific, such as "We are the mechanical / medical / B2B / real estate ... industry, our website should be how to do SEO?" Your site is machinery industry, or whatever industry, does not mean special than other industries, have any special way.

Do not ask to take hours to explain the problem clearly.

2) need to look at the specific site to answer questions

Such as "Our website content is original, is not cheating, why was punished too?" No problem when they heard this, my mind flashed answer is: No, I know what ah, Li came not know ah. A specific site, the performance of a particular keyword, you must analyze website to know (often analyzed also still do not know), this is not the conference site can do.

The above kind of problem is not getting any clear answers, ask to ask is white.

Specific questions should be very good, but not for a site, such as:

    Page Title keyword appears once good, or two good?
    Microblogging link will affect the crawl it? Will affect the rankings?
    Appears on the page with a URL of multiple links, the weight will pass many times do?

The above is just a few examples, not necessarily what I would ask, is not necessarily able to get a clear answer, the search engine algorithms will certainly be confidential and may not be able to detail the problem clearly tells us, but at least makes it easier to such problems under mouth.

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