Tuesday, May 21, 2013

how do players feel diablo

The only reason I have d3 on fb is so I can browse the hate posts every time blizz makes an announcement. The devs seriously must be delusional if they think they did anything but destroy one of the strongest titles in gaming history for some quick cash.

To be correct, itäs about 17 years now with my new Diablo3 account.

I remember as it was yesterday. I bought Diablo and about one year later Hellfire came and it was an different story about that expansion. It was soo good i spent hours and hours playing. if I can't do well and I will sell Diablo 3 account.

And then Diablo 2 was released and well... it was a revolution when it came to gaming as well as Lord of Destruction, i went mad about it and did the same thing there. I locked myself in my own apartment at that time and disabled the doorbell and stashed up with food and other stuff needed except for milk and such stuff.

I did not leave my apartment for a month except for a visit to the store to get refills. Turned off my phone Diablo 3 account buy and just enjoyed that game.

And about a year ago i bought Diablo 3 at the release night and went home, had problems loggin in as anyone else, but when it worked i just satt down and played the game for 6 months with breaks for sleep, food and visits to the store. Now i am waiting for an expansion for Diablo 3 as well and thank god i am a sickpensioner so i can do this without thinking about it.

I might have a very boring lift in others perspective but i do LOVE it, i do what i love too do.

Enjoy a game while you can, you never know when it's over.

Peace out!
worst investment ever made.wasted my time on this.0 itemization unfortunately,you must spend hundreds of hrs to get 1 proper loot

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand me well enough. I am just an undereducated Swedish prick

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