Friday, May 3, 2013

Runescape is cool in 2013

Coolio. I'll buy them when I log in again.
I wonder though, with all the micro transactions, if the membership fee will reduce some however. I doubt it, but it would be nice! :P
But that's just me, I'm happy either way with the game.

Well if anyone wants to see what this is about - World 86 Ge SW. Basically a Jagex harlem shake with sparkles everywhere. Pretty cool...but I wouldn't buy this unless it was for some MAJOR clan party or comp cape party or something. Quite a few people are into this here and I'm lagging. Runescape accounts for sale ;_;

Does anyone remember the last update that didn't come along with a SOF/SGS update other than the weird sprites one? No...

Also I would suggest finding the best way to make the armor work and leaving it that way, or people will continue to panic sell their armor, crashing the economy and making more people mad/quit the game 
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