Friday, April 26, 2013

Why I left WoW and turn to RS

I'm tired of having to change my setups every time you tweak stats. I'm tired of losing gps every time you tweak stats due to item price crashes. Just pick an armor and weapon stats and stick with them so that the players can have some stability with our weapons, armour and bank value.

That is why I left World of Warcraft and went back to RS (a few years ago). And I joined members as I think selling runescape accounts can contribute to the development of RS. On WoW, they would nerf your gear and stats practically every month and I got tired of that bs. What's the point of getting a good armor build if you're just going to nerf me the coming month. With so many stat changes, it only makes things more difficult, not fairer.

I hope more players can search Runescape accounts for sale and join members to support RS to exceed WoW.

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