Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Never bring a sword to a crossbow fight.

Even though melee is supposed to have an edge over ranged but whatever, not like the combat triangle ever worked anyways, it is not suggested you bring a sword to a cross bow fight. If you have more good views on runescape leveling, you can sell runescape accounts to earn money.

It's never going to get balanced, let's just face it  It's more like the game was from the start intended as a melee game, where archery and magicks were just additional ways of fighting. But I digress ...

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The combat triangle has always been unbalance. In Old Runescape melee beat everything but ancients. In EOC mage and range are OP.

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I must agree range and mage are op now melee is a sweel but if that dude is not using against a good range or mager.....melee go bye bye.

I though melee beat range...

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