Thursday, April 25, 2013

How do I fell about Runescape Alpha

Though Ruenscape Alpha improved a lot for RS, there are still something needed to improve.

I'd like to see each interface with a minimize option. I have customised my screen with all the interfaces which I think will be helpful during my gameplay but they are kind of clogging up my screen. I would like a way to be able to minimize the interfaces which are important but which I will not be using frequently. Better gameplay, more Runescape accounts selling.

I vision being able to minimize them so that only the brown movable title bar is showing and so that the whole interface being minimised collapses down to the top of the nearest interface below it or to the bottom or top of the screen. Something likes that anyway. This is alternative, and I will ask my friends to buy runescape accounts to have a look.

Ok I am heading back to regular RS but I will keep an eye on Alpha's progress daily and will be sure to check out any changes you make, test it and report back to you here.

Gratz again on a really good job well done, guys.

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