Sunday, April 14, 2013

A brand new edition of the Community Roundup

How about you play old school then? sorry to say but do you know how expensive and time consuming it is to make two different versions of the same game? not to mention the money that needs to be put in just to open different styled servers.
How about you round up the community and do a vote to keep the EOC or to fix it. If the vote wins in EOC's favor we'll stop complaining.

If you don't like the combat update, you are free to enjoy the old style of combat on the old school servers that we held a vote to bring back. If you want to know where to sell runescape accounts, you can search answers on Yahoo! Answers.

You clearly don't know how a organization works. Its not just a vote to fix the many YEARS of updates jagex has done to lead to the combat system. They have fixed alot already which they have done wrong starting with the Trade limits and the disappearance of wildly. They lost alot of players because of that update but now 2007 is back they are coming home to Runescape.

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