Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Hi there, I have been a Runescape player for over 4 years. I love the game and enjoy playing it with friends, But just about an hour ago I get a message from a "Mod Mark" Or at least what seemed to be a mod. I was accused of real world trading? And I denied the claims. He demanded that I appealed against the claims immediately, So that the problems could be solved. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and was unsure if he was a real moderator. So after around 10 minutes of discussion he spoke quite intelligently, And really in all honesty seemed to be a Mod, Now whether you want to judge me for believe him or not is another case, But He demanded that I appealed and gave the link "Log.in.rs/confirm" to me (No one ever use this link) So I logged on through that link which seemed to be real, And took me to the services page of Runescape. So a couple minutes later my whole internet shuts down and I can no longer log in to Runescape, I panic and as soon as I can I change my password and try to log back on. As soon as I log back on, I find myself devastated by what has happened. My account had been logged on to by another user and has taking over 25+ mil in items and gold from my account. I have played runescape for a year, but I like writing Runescape guides very much.  And I update many rs guides on my blog every day.

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Now as upsetting as that was, I thought Jagex & Runescape are a huge company and will surely have amazing customer support, But to my surprise and horror your customer support is terrible. I have spent the past 30 minutes searching for a simply contact method, But neither is there a phone number I can dial, Or a simply e-mail I can use to contact you. Me and my friend are furious at your customer support, I wasn't necessarily expecting you to return my items/gold as such, But I wanted a clear way of getting these scammers out there, But as I said there is simply no easy way to contact you. I am afraid I will never play Runescape again after this, and will be canceling my membership straight away.

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