Thursday, April 11, 2013

WoW is too easy in MoP

 I am glad wow is easier, for those of us who are extremely busy w work and stuff we are THANKFUL we dont have to take 30 days or more to get rep for one piece of gear...keep up the good work Blizz! im rooting for u.

That's cool. School is important. When you have time to come back and play we'll have something new and awesome for you to try out.
People that are saying WoW is too easy in MoP have some kinda of delusions they haven't named yet. The content IS harder. Challange modes, Brawler's guild (Rank 7+), and Heroic scenarios are all shaping up to be challanging content. For all the BC babies... you guys can stick to playing Guild Wars 2.

Your comment makes zero sense to me. Excuse my youthful ignorance, but it sounds like you haven't played in awhile. Therefore, you haven't tried the new content, and thus equalling ZERO valid opinion from you. I'm sorry, I know it's easier to just troll hate instead of actually play it. It's not even CLOSE to 'easy' to gear. The new LFR above was just released yesterday. By far the hardest raid i've ever been in period. 5 hours of LFR just to figure it out. Easy? Hardly. Oh nevermind your too busy being a keyboard warrior.

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