Monday, April 8, 2013

Strange voids, rocks and bright colourful glows?

And you guys need to stop complaining about the EoC. Old School RS will get updated in the way the players voted for it to be updated. I loved old school RS but it's lost its feel of being a genuine "old school" game. Everyone's got their head wrapped around getting more money and more skills. Just enjoy the game and quit worrying about being the richest.

runescape is no where near ruined or dead, you really have to selling runescape accounts learn to appreciate the hard work jagex put in making new content, and if you had a brain cell you would know that runescape and all other games have to evolve you can not expect it to just stay the same now can you, if you dont like buy runescape account the updates thats fine but stop complaining about it or quit the game and make your own multi million company and then we will see when your game becomes dead。

Alex, please tell us where you found the info about bots. I have yet to see a single one. You all complain because you hated the eoc update. Now you complain even after you got what you wanted. Go back to trolling your old school servers and let the rest of the world progress while you sit in an arrested state of development.

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