Friday, April 12, 2013

potential of rares in Old School RuneScape

Alas whilst they may be free to play, servers are not free to run. When we offered a vote on Old School RuneScape we needed to see what level of support there was from our members, as they would show what resources we could offer. Sadly we did not hit the target needed to offer a free to play version of Old School RuneScape but we did get enough support to show that RS members wouldn't need to pay an extra fee on top of their membership. -Crow

If we didn't need to be member to vote we would've easily have enough votes & not all people will stay f2p after they trained their acc.

Jagex said  We specifically needed MEMBERS support as members provide the resources needed to provide the services that we offer. I'm sure we would have gotten a larger total if anyone could vote but that wouldn't have shown us what resources would be available.

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