Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why World of Warcraft becomes so popular

Game has existed in ancient times. In the past, human play a simple game and use the simple props, or simply do not have props. At that time, people played games in a real environment with the familiar people together. But now, with the continues improvement of living standards, a variety of games come out, and props, as an auxiliary tool for the game, are also in a wide range. People not only play game in real life with familiar persons, but also can play the games with computer. People even can form alliances with strangers to complete the task on the computer or against to the strangers in the game. The most typical example is world of warcraft, which brings a global affection. Why world of warcraft can stand out in so many games? I believe many persons would like to know the answer to this question. From my point of view, I consider the following points are the main factors to the successful of world of warcraft:

First, the pictures in the world of warcraft are extremely real, including bright colors, magnificent scenes and flexible figure body. All of these give the plays an auditory and visual feast.

Second, competitive level of world of warcraft is relatively high, and it is challenging. Thus, world of warcraft has a strong appeal to games who like the difficult challenge.

The third factor is operating humane. No matter with the mouse or use keyboard to operate the entire game, players can adapt it quickly.

Finally, the most important and also the most reason of world of warcraft’s popular as a competitive game is constantly balanced development.

The above is just my personal conclusions, if you have a new idea, you can share it with the majority of world of warcraft fans. At the same time, you can consult to farmer100 if you want to know more information about world of warcraft,

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