Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to protect a wow account

As we all know, wow is one of the most popular online games all around the world. Many young guys love this game very much and almost everyone spends most of their spare time to play the game. They tried their best to reach the higher lev and earn more gold. As well, they want to get better stuff.
Players enjoy their time when they playing wow. But there are also many cases that someone’s account be stolen by others. This situation makes players unhappy. So it is so important to protect your own wow account at any time, especially to the gamers who has reached a high level. Here are some tips for you to protect your wow account.
At the first time you created a wow account you should type into many information about your basic messages, such as your date of birth, your email and so on. Some of the wow fans do not make much attention to this information and enter messages randomly. Once their wow accounts were stolen they can not recollect the information so that they couldn’t get their accounts back by using this basic information. Thus, in case that you will use these materials in the future, you’d better copy the information to your computer or write it down.
On the other hand, make a unique username that is special to you but others are difficult to remember. What’s more, a complicated account password is also important. So try your best to set a complex password by wielding various available letters and symbols. Of cause, you should remember it deeply.
Lastly, farmer100 warm prompt you that it is far from enough to protecting a wow account by following the tips that mentioned above. So if you want to know more about the accounts protection or need some help you can login the farmer100 website where lots of experience published.

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