Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Advices for you to start play the world of the warcraft

As many of you, I am a freshman in the field of wow. And if you just register a new wow account. I hope following tips can give you some help.
Not long before, I knew wow from one of my friends who has rich experience in playing MMORPG games. He said the most important to newbie is to buy a safe wow account so that you can avoid the frequent interruption from hackers. Problem comes out! Where to buy a safe account? “The experienced wow players all click the to buy wow accounts”, my friend told me. So I click that website and I surprised discover that farmer100 provides the cheapest and safest account.
Then I registered a wow account at once and become one of the hundreds and thousands of wow players. At the first time, during the process of playing wow game, I encounter some problems. I click the “contact us” item in the farmer100 website, and then a person of farmer100 will warmly teach you to solve the problems. Their services satisfied me deeply and I can learn much from the forum in the farmer100.   So you can easily learn how to start a new wow account. 
Hope you have a good time during the process of playing wow!

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